Do You Allow Loan Extensions? How Long Are They and How Much Do They Cost?

We offer loan extensions. Loans can be extended for up to 10 weeks from the date the loan was originated. Like all of our fees, those for extensions are calculated using the APR and the amount and length of the loan. If, for example, you need to extend a $100 loan for an additional week, the APR is 521.43%, which makes the loan extension $10. After you’ve requested your extension and we’ve granted it, you can obtain the extension by paying the amount of interest the loan has accumulated up to that point. This will usually have been previously disclosed as the finance charge. In addition to this minimum amount, it is also our recommendation that you reduce your principal balance by paying as much extra that you can. You may make a partial principal payment of at least $5 at any time during the duration of your loan. Please see our Fee Schedule for more detailed information.