What is your position on compliance with Local, State & Federal laws?

Statement of adhering to Local, State & Federal laws.

The entity’s compliance officer for all locations in Utah is its Director of Operations. Responsible for all operations, including compliance with all local state and federal laws. Creation of policies, procedures, and adherence to such. Dissemination of information, training materials and in charge of management systems in place, including hiring, disciplinary action and terminations.

We have an extensive management system in place. We strive very hard to always be pro­active whenever new legislation is passed regarding our industry, and do our best to interpret and abide by all applicable laws. Our current levels of management include: assistant store managers, store managers, lead managers, district managers, area managers and a director of operations. Every day the previous days work is double checked by staff members at the company corporate offices to ensure that each loan was done correctly and that all numbers match and that policies and procedures are being followed. In addition, it is the responsibility of the lead/district managers to look at the prior days paperwork in each of their stores to determine the same. Each month every store receives an internal audit by the lead and district managers to ensure that all policies and procedures are being followed. It is the responsibility of the district manager to discuss with the area manager and director of operations to determine the proper disciplinary action for any breach of policies and procedures.