Where to Get Free Help with Taxes in Utah

Where to Get Free Help with Taxes in Utah

Free Help with Taxes in Utah - Money 4 You Payday LoansTax time is often a period filled with stress and fear. Many taxpayers wait until the last minute to file, or end up paying large fees to hire professionals to do their taxes for them. It does not have to be that way.

Residents in Utah who are struggling with the complexity of filing their tax returns can now find relief for free. There are companies and organizations throughout the state offer personal tax assistance with no costs or obligations. Whether you get help with your taxes online or in person, you will feel better with this year’s taxes behind you. The tax deadline is quickly approaching. Finish your taxes today and get the refund you deserve as soon as possible.

Sites Where You Can File Your Taxes For Free By Yourself

Do you know what you are doing when it comes to filling out your tax forms? Save time and money with the following sites:

  • CreditKarma.com is perfect for anyone who feels comfortable enough to file her own taxes, but still wants to avoid the fees of other tax preparation websites. CreditKarma.com is completely free for anyone to file certain Federal returns.
  • The H&R Block program More Zeros is ideal for taxpayers who can do their own taxes. The site allows some taxpayers to file their Federal and State returns including itemized deductions completely for free.
  • E-file.com is a good site for people with involved a simple tax situation. The software will walk you through the process of filing a free Federal tax form online.

Programs to Assist You With Doing Your Taxes

Does the thought of filing tax scare you? Whether you are a first-time taxpayer, or worry about making a costly mistake, these websites can direct you to programs to guide you through the entire process in person for free.

  • Tax Aide is a program available from the AARP Foundation and provides free tax help for those 50 years old or older. This service does not require membership in the AARP.
  • The University of Utah hosts a free tax clinic Monday through Saturday from now until April 15th. The clinic is located at the University of Utah Union Computer Lab.
  • UtahTaxHelp.org offers two options for qualifying taxpayers. Utah residents can either file their taxes for free by linking to a secure service from the website, or they can find the closest Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) location.


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