15 Ways to Make a Little Money Until Your Next Loan Payout

15 Ways to Make a Little Money Until Your Next Loan Payout

When you’re strapped for cash in an emergency, you take out a payday loan. You make an agreement with the loan company that you will repay the loan when you receive your paycheck next month. But what if you want to pay off your loan earlier than that? What happens if you still don’t have enough money for groceries, bills, or even that night out you planned three weeks ago?

Don’t assume that your only option is to wait for the remainder of your next pay period. You have plenty of paying possibilities outside your current workplace. Below, you’ll find 15 easy ways to make money until your next loan payout.

1.  Babysitting or nannying: If your neighbors or close relatives need a night away from their kids, offer to babysit them for a few hours. Offer to nanny for the weekend. You can make a fair bit of money to make pizza, watch movies, and play games with your nieces, nephews, or the cute toddler next door.

2.  Cell phone recycling: You can make quite a bit of money when you recycle your old cell phones. You also help the environment when you give your old devices to recycling companies. Look online for sell-back options. You never know how much your old phone is worth until you put it on the market.

3.  Dog walking or pet sitting: Do you miss you childhood pets? Talk to your neighbors or look online for dog walking or pet sitting opportunities. You can earn up to $20 for each dog you walk. Some people also pay pet sitters $50-75 a day. In the meantime, you’ll get to make a fluffy new friend.

4.  Farmer’s market: If you make the world’s best oven-roasted tomato salsa, consider selling it at the next local farmer’s market. You set the prices and can make quite a bit of money for your zesty salsa. Or, if you simply grow produce, you also have the option to market that.

5.  Give music lessons: Put all of those piano lessons to work. Parents regularly look for music instructors for their children. Adults even want to learn how to play piano, guitar, and many other instruments. If you play an instrument proficiently, place an ad online or distribute flyers for music lessons.

6.  Lawn care: You mowed lawns and trimmed hedges in high school, so why throw those skills away? It’s summer, which means that people want help keeping their property well-groomed. You can earn up to $50 depending on the service you provide.

7.  Marketing research: Companies regularly need people to test their products. Most will pay you to try out certain items and give feedback.

8.  Online surveys: Fill out online surveys in your spare time. Like marketing research, companies value your opinion about their products. Companies create surveys and often pay you for answering a few questions about a specific item.

9.  Plasma: You can sell plasma up to two times per week. Donors usually earn up to $50 per donation. Visit your local plasma center for more information.

10.  Sell hair to wig-making companies: Wig-making companies pay you for your hair. You need to sell at least ten inches of hair at a time. Your hair will fetch more if you have never colored or relaxed it. Try out a new hair style and sell your hair for cash.

11.  Sell metal drink cans: Visit your local scrap metal shop and sell all of those metal drink cans in your home. You can earn more than 50 cents per pound of metal.

12.  Sell unwanted items: Hold a garage/yard sale if weather permits. Market any unwanted items online through eBay, KSL, or Amazon Marketplace. You don’t use everything in your home, so why let those items sit there forever? Sell them for fast cash. Items you can sell include:

  • Art
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Extra furniture
  • Movies
  • Shoes
  • Small appliances
  • Toys
  • Video games and gaming consoles

13.  Summer fair booths: If you make jewelry, draw caricatures, paint, or create amazing and unique crafts, sell them at a booth during the next summer fair. Like a farmer’s market, you control the prices, and can earn quite a bit of money for your talents.

14.  Translate: Do you speak a second language? Contact your local police department or courthouse to see if they need any translators in your secondary language. You can also teach classes in your foreign language if community centers or other organizations have a demand for them.

15.  Tutor: Put your degree or mad math skills to work. Hand out flyers or post ads online for tutoring services in your expert educational field. You can make $20-80 an hour depending on your experience.

Try out some of these quick money-making tips while you wait for your next loan payout. Those old clothes in your closet could pay your loan off early or pay for that new movie you have to see-popcorn and drinks included.

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