20 Father’s Day Presents Under $25

20 Father’s Day Presents Under $25

Being a father is a special responsibility. It is good to appreciate the efforts our fathers have put into improving our lives. There is no better way to show that you love your father than buying him a gift in the upcoming Father’s Day. You don’t have to break the bank to buy an awesome gift for him. Here is our list of some fun gifts you can give your father this great day for less than $25.

1. Buy him a good read – Get him an inspiring title such as the Dad’s Playbook. The book is loaded with very many encouragement quotes and ideas that he would love.

2. A whiskey decanter set – If your dad loves to take some whiskey as he watches his favorite team play on TV, give him a sleek decanter set. Most brands come in six pieces that include four glasses, a stopper, and a decanter.

3. A shaving set – Get your father an ergonomic shaving razor such as the Harry Truman’s shaving machine.

4. A pocket knife – Surprise him with a new and better pocket knife. Pick his favorite color and knife accessories that you believe they would of help.

5. Appreciation glass block – Get him a glass block with inscriptions of how great he is at guiding you. You could also pick a glass block that talks about the meaning of his name

6. Multi-tools – Multi-tools can be used to carry out several different tasks. Your father will love having an effective multi-tool such as the Stanley 12-in-1multi tool. The tool can be used as a knife, long nose pliers, a saw, a wire cutter, curve jaw pliers, bottle opener and a screwdriver.

7. Cold brew to go container – Fathers love coffee. With all the hype around cold-brew coffee, it is time you enable him to make his cold brewed coffee on the go. The small bottle like container is made from heat-proof glass and has an advanced filter.

8. Picture changing mug – Give him a color-changing mug which is activated by the heat. It looks like a normal mug when cold but brings out its beauty when with hot coffee.

9. Otter wax – Keeps the dada smart with Otter wax to protect his jeans and the shoes.

10. An art hanging – Decorate his study room with a piece of art hanging. Pick something that reminds him of a pleasant history.

11. Toolbox – Get him a steel toolbox where he can keep all his small tools safely.

12. A casing for his iPhone – Get him a manly phone casing such as the wood colored cover.

13. Metallic flask – Get him a brew flask that allows him to carry his favorite liquor.

14. Bicycle tune-up kit – Make it easy for him to repair his bike by buying an easy to use repair kit.

15. Power backup – Get him a good battery backup to enable him to use his phone all day long.

16. Cufflinks – Add some style to his favorite shirts by buying him trendy cuff-links.

17. Laptop Decal – Add an artistic twist to his laptop by gifting him with a street-art laptop decal.

18.Ashtray – Replace his ashtray with a stainless steel easy-to-clean ashtray.

19. Canvas photo frame – Get a durable canvas photo frame to hang his favorite photo

20. Oversized beer mug – With the oversized beer mug, he will not need to refill every few minutes.

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