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7 Money Mistakes Every College Student Should Avoid

For most people, starting college life usually means taking on a host of new freedom and responsibilities that you might be relatively new in one’s life. Besides making new friends and handling the rigorous coursework, you also need to tackle the difficult task of managing your personal finances for the first time in your life. While some people might succeed going through college without damaging their bank accounts, to others, it is a nightmare. Here are the top seven money mistakes that every college student should avoid.


Money Goals for Your 20s

Being financially responsible for 20-somethings in today’s day and age means finding the right job to get your own place, pay bills and buy groceries. For those having kids and starting families, it can seem like an endless daily struggle. For college grads, it can be a rude awakening. But if you set financial goals and work to achieve them while you’re still in your 20s, you will set yourself up for a more secure and less stressful future as you approach the big 3-0!

Even if keeping up with your finances seem to completely dominate every single dollar you earn, there are a few good financial habits that you can utilize to reach your money goals. From booking a well-deserved vacation to investing or buying your first home – you have the power to change your financial outlook and reach your target goals, even while you’re still in your 20s.


6 Tips to Help You Save Money on a Wedding

You can spend less on a wedding and still have a wonderful ceremony. Here are more than a few ways you can save money on a wedding.

1. Give Yourself a Budget

Start with a budget, and treat your budget as sacred. Start by setting a hard maximum amount. Tally up all the expenses as you plan the wedding. Leave a small buffer of 5% or more for unexpected expenses.

If in doubt about what should stay and what should go, give the items on your list a ranking. Prioritizing what things are most important to you can help you cut away the things that aren’t, should the need arise.


3 Smart Financial Decisions to Help You Stick to Your Budget

Budgeting can seem difficult, especially at the start. When you look at your budget dynamically, you can start to see some of the things that can help you both stick to it and even improve it. Here are some smart financial decisions you can make to help you get the most out of your budget.

1. Automate Your Savings

Set up as many automated saving methods as you can. You likely have more ways to do this than you think.

Split your paychecks direct deposit

If you have a direct deposit set up for your paycheck, you can usually have it split between more than one account.Start with a small percentage or amount to get comfortable with the process. You can also add funds to a third or fourth account if your budgeting for different things.

Set up automatic transfers

Many banks allow for various types of automatic transfers. You can automatically have a percentage or a set amount of your funds moved from a checking to a savings account regularly. If you send a regular amount to a savings account, you might never even notice it’s missing.

Use special bank or credit card programs

Some banks and credit cards have features that can help you passively save money. For example, some institutions offer the ability to round all purchases up to the nearest dollar. The change above the amount of your purchase will automatically go into a savings account.

2. Spend Judiciously

The more you spend, the more things you’ll notice you can spend money on. Stay away from that vicious cycle, and protect your budget by practicing good spending habits.

  • If the price of something isn’t in your budget, don’t buy it.
  • Track how you spend money and look for patterns.
  • Become a shopper that looks for deals and discounts.

If there’s something you really want or need, but don’t have it in your budget, then budget for it. Remember your budget is flexible. You shouldn’t overdo it, but you can certainly add things you really need to your budget.

3. Set Goals

Your budget represents a goal or a series of goals. Create smaller tasks that continuously bring you closer to your goals. When you actively work on making your goals a reality, you will naturally develop positive financial habits and attitudes. If something isn’t serving your goal, then you can probably cut it out of your thoughts, budget, and life.

Think of your own happiness and satisfaction as well. Don’t become a machine. Instead, create fun things for you and the people you love. A movie, fun vacation, or a nice dinner can also represent a goal. Find or make a place for the fun things in your budget.

In the end, you may find good financial habits are better than becoming a slave to a budget. By developing good financial habits, budgeting just becomes another part of those habits, rather than something you have to struggle with.

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Top Tips For What To Spend and What To Save on Your Wedding Day

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Money Challenges That Will Help You Save More This Year

2018 is here with us, and as always, many of us have New Year’s resolutions we want to accomplish before the year ends. Starting in January, most of these resolutions are put into action, but come March, we have given up on most of them and only a few can survive until the end of the year. Most of our resolutions don’t go through because they are too unrealistic or too broad. Money saving is always top on everyone’s resolutions list. Whether you are doing it to get out of debt or to build up some cash for leisure and emergencies, you need to split your goals into smaller achievable bits. You can do so by doing some money challenges. They involve saving a specific amount of cash daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If it’s been hard for you to achieve your saving goals, here are some of the money challenges you can try this year:


6 Valentine’s Day Money Wasters

Your Valentine’s Day Should Be as Unique as Your Relationship

We have all seen the rom-com movies in which elaborate and expensive gestures lead the happy couple toward what we can only assume is a long life of perpetual bliss. If love were the movies, we would have a seemingly endless cash flow and would shower each other with extravagance. Sorry kids, love ain’t movies. However, it’s fantastic and should be celebrated, and you can have a Valentine’s Day of grand gestures without breaking the bank. Although, you will need to tap into your reserves of creativity, and we have 6 ideas based on some classics.


2018 Money Saving Tips

Did you know that saving money is an excellent way to achieving your financial goals such as buying a home? However, the art of saving money is a puzzle that remains unsolved to many people. In fact, you don’t have to start earning a six-figure salary or win a lottery to build a comfortable saving culture.

You just have to set your financial goals and stay focused on reducing your expenditure and save more money. Although some people have come up with various money-saving strategy, the key to success in money saving is commitment and discipline. Below are 6 money saving tips you can try out in 2018.