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6 Tips to Help You Save Money on a Wedding

You can spend less on a wedding and still have a wonderful ceremony. Here are more than a few ways you can save money on a wedding.

1. Give Yourself a Budget

Start with a budget, and treat your budget as sacred. Start by setting a hard maximum amount. Tally up all the expenses as you plan the wedding. Leave a small buffer of 5% or more for unexpected expenses.

If in doubt about what should stay and what should go, give the items on your list a ranking. Prioritizing what things are most important to you can help you cut away the things that aren’t, should the need arise.

2. Always Shop Around

Prices for all things fluctuate over time and from place to place. You can shop around for literally everything that makes up your wedding. Don’t agree to a price for anything without first checking to see if you can find the same thing or something better, for less.

3. Make Good Use of Your Time

Start your wedding planning early. Planning everything far ahead of time can give you the ability to shop around or wait on certain venues to lower their price. You can also spread out your buying and stock up on the things you will use for the wedding early.

4. Choose a Nontraditional Venue

A nontraditional venue can often cost you less while actually giving more meaning to your ceremony. Some nontraditional venue ideas can include:

  • The place you first met.
  • A venue that holds a shared interest, like an art gallery.
  • A place the two of you share fond memories together.

Take some time to consider what places hold the most meaning for you and your future spouse. Some other options to save money on a venue include:

  • Avoid venues that make you use their vendors or services
  • Use a venue that can host both the ceremony and the reception

5. Make Use of the People You Know

If someone wants to help, let them help. If someone wants to let you borrow something for your wedding, then borrow it. The more you obtain freely, the less you spend out of pocket. This also applies to skills. If you know a DJ, bartender, or someone else who does good work, then hire them.

Cut Corners Wherever You Can

If you can get the same thing secondhand, then get it. If you can find adequate decorations at a yard sale, then pick them up. Here are some corner cutting ideas:


Do you know what happens to real flowers after the wedding? They sadly don’t last long. You can make your own bouquets or choose imitation flowers made of whatever material you want. In fact, consider if you really need flowers strewn about everywhere at all. There are so many centerpiece ideas that aren’t vases of flowers.


Do you need a full sit-down dinner? Why not offer lighter fare? An assortment of finger foods or setting up a crepe bar can serve you and your guests just as well.


You can easily go digital for your invitations these days. If you must have paper, you can create your own invitations, print them up, and send them out.

Your wedding can be just as fabulous as you want it to be without you paying top dollar for temporary items. For every item on your wedding budget list, consider how you can save money on it.

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