3 Ways to Make Extra Money During the Summer

3 Ways to Make Extra Money During the Summer

There is no doubt that summer makes for a great season, warmer months during which you can spend time with friends and family. Whether you are a student looking to make some extra cash during summer, a parent who wants to organize a successful family day out or would like to start a new project, summer will have numerous opportunities for you. With most students trying to secure summer jobs, earning extra income will require you to be creative. The good news is that the modern world has some side income opportunities, most of which will earn you more than traditional side jobs. Here are 3 ways to make some extra cash to enjoy your summer:

1. Drive for Uber or Lyft

For a while now, taxi-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft have expanded the horizon of opportunities. In case you are home in the summer, and you have a car, you can earn some extra cash by driving people around. All you need is to enroll as a driver for Uber and you are good to go. Rather than calling a taxi, people can “request driver” through the apps. These innovations have revolutionized the taxi business by offering more competitive prices. Uber or Lyft will give you access to more clients, allow you to meet fun people and make a decent side income!

2. Pet Sit when People Go on Vacation

During the warm summer months, most families will plan to go on vacation. If such families have pets in their homes, this will present you with a fantastic opportunity to make extra money. If you are a dog lover, you will not only have fun during the feeding and walking schedule but will also get paid for it. Another benefit you will enjoy is the opportunity to engage in physical exercise while walking the dog. Consider finding out if your friends and neighbors who have pets will be going on vacation and may need a pet sitter.

3. Be Part of a Medical Survey

When you have time during your summer break, you can opt to be part of a medical survey. This side job can earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the medical study you decide to be part of. As a student, you may want to check with your school or neighboring hospitals if you can be a great candidate for these studies. Find out all the information you can so that you are aware of what the studies will demand. In most cases, studies that require overnight stays will pay you more than other studies.

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