7 Tips to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

7 Tips to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

With back to school just around the corner, you may find yourself drowning in to-do’s, and an endless list of back-to-school wants and needs your child may have. Whether it is the PE shoes, a blue history folder, or low odor black markers that seem impossible to find, shopping for back-to-school items can not only be stressful for your mind, but also for your budget.

Help beat the back-to-school blues by following these 7 tips below to save you money on your next back-to-school shopping haul.

1. Shop the Local Sales

Watch the local flyers for back-to-school sales. Most of these sales offer items your child will need at a fraction of what they typically sell for. Also, check stores that price match so you can save time and gas during your shopping trip by buying all you need in one place.

2. Do a Quick House Sweep to Check for Supplies

Look through closets and office areas for school supplies that you may already have. Often supplies can get overlooked, and end up accumulating over time. Going through these articles will help you get the area organized and also might leave you with some treasures that simply need a sharpen to be in school ready position.

3. Coupon, Coupon, Coupon

Check out your local coupon circular, sign up for social media or texting coupons, or register for reward cards at any stores where you plan to do your back to school shopping. Remember most places will let you use store and manufacturer coupons at the same time so watch out for those double savings opportunities. If you plan to do your shopping online, look for coupon codes on sites like Retail Me Not to get additional savings at checkout.

4. Set a Budget

With so many items that are needed for school, it is easy to fill a cart with little regard for a budget. Set a budget for supplies, clothes, etc. and be mindful when picking items so that you can get everything you need while staying in your determined budget. Sometimes you may need to opt for smaller packages even if the cost per piece is higher.

5. Check out Garage Sales

Don’t discount garage sales when it comes to school supplies. Many people will accumulate items throughout the years and are happy to unload them sometimes as a set for one low price. If clothes shopping is part of your back-to-school shopping routine, garage sales are a great place to save money on kids clothes. Children grow quickly so you can often find gently used clothing at low prices at garage sales or local thrift stores.

6. Stop by the Dollar Store

Dollar stores can be a great place to stock up on a lot of must need school supplies at one low price. These type of stores have significant savings for items such as presentation boards and binders that can be several dollars a piece at regular stores.

7. Bulk it Up

If there are great deals on bulk, stock up or find another parent whose kids need the same supplies and split the cost for the larger items. If you have a membership at member stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco, check them out for bulk purchases.

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