Money Matters: Setting Financial Goals For 2019

Money Matters: Setting Financial Goals For 2019

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Sure, January 1 has already come and gone, but it isn’t too late to get your finances in order for the New Year! Whether you felt in control of or controlled by your finances in 2018, there are usually improvements that can be made to help you reach your financial goals, develop good habits to save money, and feel more organized—a financial New Year’s resolution, as it were.

What is Your 2019 Budget?

If you are wondering how to organize your finances for the New Year, budgeting should be at the top of your list. Perhaps you already use a budget and are good at sticking to it. If that is the case, simply take a few minutes to see if your financial situation has changed. Do you have more/less income coming in? Do you have any major trips or purchases to save for this year? Do you need to factor in additional/higher bills?

If budgeting is new to you, never fear. There is no time like the present to work on creating a budget. It may sound counter-intuitive, but budgeting offers an immense amount of financial freedom by giving you power over your money and the knowledge of where exactly it is going, and where it needs to go, among other benefits. For those who are struggling to get started, there are several good budgeting apps to help with organizing finances. Whether you’re dealing with Android or iOS, you can find a budget app that suits your needs, has an intuitive design and provides plenty of customer service options, which should be your top priorities, according to Benzinga. The financial media outlet listed the following as the top budget apps of 2019:

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Score

As you consider how to get your finances in order, think about your credit score, which requires regular monitoring. Credit impacts many facets of life, from purchasing a home or renting property to financing a car or starting a business. Unfortunately, credit may seem like an elusive concept. First off, various lenders and financial companies use different algorithms to compute credit scores, so you may have several scores that vary slightly. As part of your New Year financial goals, acquire an up-to-date credit report from a reputable site. You may even consider tracking it throughout the year to monitor changes or notice anomalies. As you track how your credit is impacted, you should feel motivated to create smarter financial decisions.

Curious how to improve your credit score? Consider the following tips:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Be punctual with cellphone and utility payments
  • Keep balances low on credit cards
  • Pay off debt rather than moving it around
  • Don’t close unused credit cards unless you’re being charged annual fees
  • Don’t apply for too much credit
  • Open new lines of credit only as needed

Develop a Savings Plan

Finally, one of your New Year financial resolutions should include creating a robust savings plan. Your goals in terms of saving money may differ from those of your family members and friends, and that is okay. Just be sure you are working toward something. Wondering how to set financial goals for the new year? First, figure out how much you need for an emergency fund. Were you to lose a job, get in a car accident, or need medical treatment, you need to be able to cover your bills for a while.

Other money goals depend on what you want in your future, and that’s where long-term planning comes in. Whether you want financial independence, to own a home, or start a business, you need to save accordingly. You can utilize a money-saving goal tracker, such as TrackMyGOALS, Savings Track, and Money Box. These apps provide ideas and ways to save money to help you organize finances.

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