Top Tips For What To Spend and What To Save on Your Wedding Day

Top Tips For What To Spend and What To Save on Your Wedding Day

Looking to cut corners on your wedding budget but not look cheap? There are all kinds of sneaky ways to save money that no one, not even your nit-picky grandmother will notice. Likewise, there are certain things that are worth spending money on that you don’t want to forsake on your special day. When it comes to wedding planning, it’s easy to go over budget and dividing the needs from the wants is key.


RSVP Cards

These cards serve a functional purpose over style, so there’s no need to spend money on elaborate design or to pay the mail cost. Most people will throw them away or end up texting you their response, so it’s easy to bypass mailing RSVPS and opt for an electronic invite.

DJ Over Band

A DJ is ONE person seeking a gig. A band is a GROUP of people to pay. It’s much cheaper to pay a DJ than a band and then you can even provide that DJ with a playlist and control every aspect. Another thing to consider is depending on the band, they simply offer a certain style of music, a DJ caters to your exact song requests.

Wedding Dress

A dress is more about the fit than pearls and diamonds sewed into the neckline. Another trend gaining traction amongst millennials is opting out of the white dress tradition. That’s instantly cheaper. If you picture a beach wedding in a rose pink dress, that’s elegant and feminine AND saving a few hundred dollars.


Open Bar

Millennial weddings are full of people accustomed to endless choice and they’re not going to be the crowd that wants to pick one of two pretentious cocktail options. They’re gonna want their go-to wine, beer, well drink favorite. And it’s important for the non-drinkers so that they can order their Perrier with a Lime without calling attention to themselves for not choosing between two ordained cocktails.


The Atmosphere is everything. I’ve eaten wonderful food in dinky joints but could never bring myself to return because fluorescent lighting and noise you can’t talk over is never appealing. Never underestimate the vibe and acoustics of any venue you consider. Couples should always select a venue that relaxes or invigorates them.


People will think you’re a cheapskate the rest of your life if they eat mediocre food at your wedding. Never use catering you’ve never tried yourself. And once you nail down the savory, don’t neglect the sweet. It’s worth spending money to have both a beautiful cake in appearance and a moist melt overtake your taste buds. Better to be over the top with food than any other component of the wedding because that’ll be what people remember.

Naturally, the items on these lists can vary from couple to couple but the ideas here are inherent in every wedding experience. Vibes, venue, food, and drink are worth spending money on to satisfy. Whereas, it’s easy to cut costs in wedding elements like RSVP cards, bands, and wedding dresses.

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